The Pub was opened in 1871. The connection with Teddington is that in 1797 The 6th Earl of Waldergrave inherited Strawberry Hill House from Horace Walpole. Unfortunately, the Brothers John and George spent the Family fortune so the Contents had to be sold. The name Waldergrave derides from Waldgrave in Northampton. The Family having long held the Manor of Smallbridge in Bures St Mary. Suffolk. There are 3 Pubs in Somerset of this name where the Waldergrave’s had Coalmines around Radstock.

1339 Sir Richard served as Knight of The Shire for Lincolnshire. He was MP for Lincolnshire and Speaker of The House of Commons.
1517 Sir Edward of Borley. Essex was imprisoned during the reign of King Edward iv for his loyalty to The Princess afterwards Queen Mary. He was knighted by her and received the Manor of Chewton.
1554 Sir William was MP for Suffolk.
1684 Henry 1st Baron Waldergrave inherits Hever Castle.
1686 He became Baron Chewton.
1722 Created Viscount Chewton & Earl Waldergrave.
1797 6h Earl John inherits Strawberry Hill House from Horace Walpole.
1817 Granville becomes 3rd Baron Radstock.
1842. Contents of Strawberry Hill House sold.
1871 The Pub opens.
1898 Waldergrave’s move to Chewton Priory.
1946 William Baron Waldergrave of North Hill born. Son of the 12th Earl. He was a Conservative Politican. Cabinet Minister from 1990- 1997. Since 1999 A Life Peer in the House of Lords. Since 2009 Provost of Eton College.